foto Bjarte og Peter med kort final version
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    Musikhuset Esbjerg

     4 march 2017, 15.00 buy ticket

  • Artists
    Violinist and Traveling companion

    Bjarte Eike

    Traveling companion and Violinist

    Peter Spissky

Gulliver's travels

04 March 2017 - 30 November -0001
A dramatic musical tale for children

Some of you probably know the old children's tale of Gulliver and his legendary voyage to Lilliput. What few people know is that Gulliver on his legendary expeditions were joined by two great Norwegian violin players, Bjarte and Peter.

Gulliver is now long gone - rumor has it that he is stuck between the pages of an old book of fairytales - but violinists Peter and Bjarte is alive and well, and travels widely around telling storys to children about the great adventure they experienced together with Gulliver.

Now they have reached the Concert Hall in Esbjerg, where YOU can hear their dramatic and musical story.